History of Westwood since 1951

History of Westwood
                                                   The History of Westwood Park Cricket Club:

Back in 1951 on Monday 19th November @ 7.30 pm. a group of gentlemen from Bradfords "Eastbrook Methodist Mission" congregated at a meeting with the intention of forming a cricket club to serve the local community. The meeting was opened by the Rev M Barnett. He thanked everyone in the hall for their attendance then welcomed mr L Hutton (Yorkshire c.c.) who had accepted the invitation to become Our first "President".  This was promptly and unanimously carried by everybody present.
The next item was to appoint a Chairman and in the true Methodist tradition the Rev M Barnett was proposed and accepted the appointment to become Chairman.
A general committee was then formed from those who attended the meeting and the foundations laid for the formation of the cricket club.
It was decided to open a bank account at the Midland under "Recreation fund".
Mr L Hutton then asked to be kept informed of future meetings and offered to give coaching when his Yorkshire c.c. commitments allowed.
Membership fees were approved. They were:- Playing membership  10/-........non playing membership 5/ - 
junior membership 2/- 6p.
A proposal to approach the Bradford Mutual Sunday School League for the comming season was accepted and a team was entered to play under the name of "EASTBROOK CRICKET CLUB".
At the December meeting it was agreed to purchase some Club kit:- 4 bats, 4pr of pads, 4 pr batting gloves, 1 pr keeping pads, 1 pr keeping gloves, 1 set of wickets, 2 balls (others to be obtained  2nd hand from L Hutton) 1 keepers guard, a kit bag, 1 score book & 2 umpires coats.The total cost for all of the kit was a staggering £50.00.....yes fifty pounds!
IN 1959 the Club moved from Dudley Hills ground to play at Horsefall recriation grounds. As the years passed - fewer cricket players had a connection with the methodist chaple and in 1976 the Club became known as Eastbrook & Horsefall c.c. then in 1977  the Eastbrook name was gone and we became Horsefall Cricket Club. The Club continued to play in the Bradford Mutual  S.S.league until we were accepted into the  to the Bradford Central Cricket league.
In 1980 season, after sharing grounds for most of our existence we Moved to a ground of our own, at the
 Westwood Hospital. We changed Our name to Westwoood C.C.
Then in 1984 we were told that Our ground was to be built on. After many meetings with developers and councillors we won the battle and we were to be Given a New ground of our own. In 1985 we became
 Westwood Park Cricket Club: 
We won the Wilkion Sword Trophy in 2000 for the best ground in the Central Bradford Cricket League. Then we went on to win the Division title.
It was time to look for Pastures new as some grounds in the league were deteariating, so we approached the Central Yorkshire Cricket League an were accepted. We found the going a little bit hard at the start, but we are finding our feet and we are confident about the future.